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YoungStars Peace Pledge

YoungStars is a group of youngsters who won a business / enterprise competition run by the University of East London as part of Global Enterprise Week.  The ‘YoungStars’ brand concept is based on the Olympic Ideals of Courage, Equality, Respect, Friendship & Determination, and encouraging others to reject all forms of violence, gangs and street crime by bringing the voice of the vast majority of peaceful and positive young people to the fore and engaging in Social Enterprise Activities.  

Working with Catalyst In Communities, UEL and Peace One Day, YoungStars have put together a PEACE PLEDGE that was formally launched at the Peace Day Concert at the O2 on World Peace Day – 21st September 2011. 

The full YoungStars Peace Pledge is included below.

Through ‘Positive Peer Pressure’ we will link the huge numbers of Positive and Peaceful Young People to present a show of unity against the negative, violent minority of young people who currently seem to think it is acceptable to riot, loot and use violence and force.  This united positive stance provides safety and strength in numbers…

We bring together young people who have offended, or who have been victims, witnesses or otherwise affected by crime & engage them in positive and enterprising activities to make sure that our belief that every young person is a star can be realised – We are YOUNGSTARS!  

We are working with our partners to provide work for Young People through creating real social enterprises and jobs - so that crime isn’t the only way for some young people to get paid… as we say – 

“Nothing Stops A Yob Like A Job!!”.

The media tells us that youngsters are responsible for lots of crime and other antisocial activities – through the YoungStars vision we want to celebrate the positive aspects of youth! We need to show that we can make a positive change, that we are YoungStars!

“We want to get young people to come together from different areas and commit (by signing our pledge) to a life without robbing or committing violence of any kind.”

“Wimpy UK is proud to be associated with this project and we are convinced that with YoungStars, we are supporting a worthy cause.”

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